KSK Study Group in Denver

Matheus Ferreira is the founder of the Suizen Shakuhachi Kenkyukai in São Paulo Brazil. He began his studies in 2004 with Dai Shihan Saito Shinzan of the Tozan Ryu School and later also became a disciple to the iemotoIwamiBaikyoku V (1923 - 2012) of the Kinko Ryu School.

Early in his studies, Matheus became enthralled with Yokoyama’s Sensei style of playing and decided to go to Japan to deepen his studies. After numerous trips to study with his teacher Kakizakai Kaoru, and other KSK teachers, Matheus decided to found the Suizen Shakuhachi Kenkyukai in São Paulo as a way for shakuhachi students from all over Brazil to gather and share their love for Japanese music and the shakuhachi tradition.

Today Matheus lives in Denver, CO and he leads both study groups in the US and in Brazil, promoting regular concerts, workshops and as a lecturer on Japanese Culture and Arts.

Both branches of the Suizen Shakuhachi Kenkyukai are formally affiliated with the Koten (Classical) Honkyoku tradition of Yokoyama Katsuya through the International Shakuhachi Kenshukan in Japan. ‘Honkyoku’ are the ‘original pieces’ that have evolved in many Japanese Zen temples over the past 4 or 5 centuries at least, and our core curriculum at the Kenkyukai is comprised of the 22 pieces, which make up the Watazumi/Yokoyama interpretation of Classical Honkyoku. In addition, limited instruction is also available in Sankyoku (Japanese Ensemble Music) and in contemporary pieces by Japanese composers.

For more information, find us at: www.suizen.art.br and click on the American flag button.