One of our chief goals in establishing the North American Branch of the Kenshukan is to provide timely information about shakuhachi teaching and training opportunities available to students in North America.

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions about teacher availability of if you would like more information about any of the learning opportunities we post here.

Shakuhachi instructors who are available on an ongoing basis include:

Kakizakai Kaoru: Kakizakai Sensei resides in Saitama Prefecture northwest of Tokyo and teaches from his home studio via Skype/FaceTime. His primary focus is on teaching Classical Honkyoku in the style of Yokoyama Sensei, though he is also a tremendous resource of learning Fukuda Rando pieces and some Sankyoku as well. Several of us are or have been Skype /FaceTimestudents of Kakizakai Sensei and can personally vouch for the efficacy of this approach to learning from him. Please be aware as well that Kakizakai Sensei typically travels to the western US – Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver – twice a year (usually in June and October), and that during those visits he is available for face-to-face lessons as well.

More information about Kakizakai Sensei and studying with him is available at: www.kakizakai.com

Patrick Johnson: Patrick is a longtime student of KakizakaiSensei who teaches out of his home studio in Seattle and via Skype. With Kaki’s Sensei full endorsement, Patrick focuses primarily on teaching Classical Honkyoku to beginning and intermediate students.

You can find more information about Patrick and the dojo in Seattle, the Seattle Shakuhachi Study Group, at www.seattlebambooflute.org

Matheus Ferreira: Matheus is also a longtime student of Kaki Sensei, and to other Keshukan affiliated teachers. He is the founder of the SuizenShakuhachiKenkyukai (SuizenShakuhachi Study Group) in São Paulo, Brazil and in Denver, Colorado USA. With Kaki’s Sensei full endorsement, Matheus teaches the Classical Honkyoku to beginning and intermediate students, and also traditional sankyoku, and contemporary pieces.

You can find more information about Matheus and the Suizen Shakuhachi Kenkyukai, at www.suizen.art.br

Other opportunities for training in the KotenHonkyoku style include:

Kenshukan Workshops in Japan: These are three-day workshops taught by Mr. Furuya, Mr. Matama and Mr. Kakizakai, that are typically scheduled in the late spring and late summer in both of two locations, the MitsuMinne Shinto Shrine in the mountains above Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture, and at the Kensukan training center in Bisei, near Osaka. The workshop program typically includes group instruction in a few KotenHonkyoku pieces as well as one Fukuda Rando piece; individual lessons; a teacher concert and a student recital. There is also ample opportunity to share excellent food and drinks with regular workshop participants, many of whom speak excellent English.

Seattle Shakuhachi Matsuri: This year the Matsuri will be held on Saturday, October 29th at our usual location, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington. Kaki Sensei will be available for individual lessons in Seattle beginning on Wednesday October 26th. And he will be joined by Mr. Matama and Mr. Furuya at the Matsuri, and all three teachers will be available for individual instruction in addition to teaching group workshops.